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Now is the time.  It’s back to school season and time to get your household and garage in order. Even though 82% of people think the garage is one of the most important factors in buying a new home, a huge percentage of garages everywhere are not being used in the best way possible. Many people cannot fit their cars into their garages and even though they use the garage very frequently, there is always clutter everywhere. Have you ever just wanted to organize your entire garage so that it can be efficient and easy-to-use? Were you ever looking for garage storage systems that actually work?

The good news is that you can use the following tips and tricks to conquer clutter in your garage in just one weekend!

Getting Prepared and Evaluating Your Space

The first thing you will need to think about is how much space you have. You may have space for wall shelves on the side of your garage or not. You may have space for two cars or just one. Try not to worry too much about the clutter at this stage; what you need to find out is how much actual, physical space you have to play with so you can make your plans in the best way possible.

Do not forget that many people often skip over the vertical space they have. You will need to figure out how much garage overhead space there is.

When you have your plan with all your measurements you will be able to quickly see where the most space is and where you can comfortably exploit that space by converting it to shelving. The most common scenario that people find is that there is a lot of vertical space above their garage doors, above the car and above the entry door to their home located in the garage. These are perfect locations for garage overhead storage racks.

Deciding Just Where the New Overhead Racks Will Go

Making the decision of where you will install your new overhead racks will come down to a bit of forethought. Think: will you need access to the items you are storing when the car is in the garage? Will you be happy having access to them only during the day when the garage is empty? If you need items at all hours, then the best place for your overhead shelves is actually directly above the place for the car. This way, even when the car is parked inside the garage, you will be able to move next to it and reach any items on the shelves above.

But if you have only one car and two garage spots, then you do not need to keep your storage space directly above the car. In this case you can afford to have it by the walls, so there is more room to move around in.

Also keep in mind that you should leave at least a few inches of space between the bottom of the shelf and the height of the tallest person likely to come into your garage! It can be very inconvenient (and even painful!) for people to have to bend over to prevent banging their heads.

Deciding on the Type of Overhead Storage

Deciding on your needs will depend a lot on your situation. Also remember that you can complement your storage space with accessories such as deck hooks, rail hooks, and sport/utility hooks. Think about the answers to the following questions to decide:

-       Are you going to store lightweight objects?

-       Are you going to store heavy items?

-       Are you storing items that need air circulation?

-      Do you live in an earthquake prone area?  Add safety nets

These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself when deciding on which type of shelving you want.

Also consider the people that will need access to the storage area and the frequency that they will be using that access. If you are rarely using the items or if they are not too heavy, then you might want to consider a step-ladder. But if the items are very heavy or need to be accessed on a regular basis it can be worth having a staircase installed with a loft space rather than storage shelves.

Now Pick a Sunny Weekend

The next step of course is to actually go and conquer the clutter in your garage! What you want to do is to pick a weekend where the weather is going to be good, because you will need to get everything outside the garage.

Here is how you will complete this in one weekend:

a)    Order all the components you need well in advance online from SafeRacks

b)    When everything has arrived and you are ready to go, advertise that you are having a garage sale on the upcoming Sunday

c)    On Saturday, remove everything from the garage and place it on the driveway in front; remove furniture, tools; pretty much everything

d)    Sort or have your family sort everything on the driveway into two groups by moving items from one side of the driveway to the other; “For sale” on one side, “Keep” on the other

e)    When this has been done, or while your family is doing this, install your new SafeRacks, safety nets, ladders, deck hooks, rail hooks, sport/utility hooks etc.

f)     Once everything has been installed, put everything in the “Keep” pile onto the new shelves.

g)    Park your car(s)!  Make sure you can open your car doors without hassle

h)   Use a tarp to cover everything in the “For sale” pile (just in case it rains anyway) and have a good night’s rest

i)     Wake up the next morning and sell everything in your driveway; if at the end of the day there are still things there, call the city to have it removed the following day

Conquering the clutter in your garage in just one weekend is really not that difficult of a task. If you do not know what you need or how you should go about planning any of this, then you should speak to one of the professional staff members at SafeRacks. You can buy anything you need for your garage renovation online and install it yourself at home, or SafeRacks can dispatch a professional installer in your area to do the installation for you.

 Remember, It’s Your Garage, Take It Back!

For decades, garages have been helping families organize their lives; by taking all their crap! However if a garage is not utilized to its true potential, the car would probably be at the mercy of the sidewalk. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, 25% people with two garages can’t get a single car in!

Garage Storage Systems

A garage holds great potential to carry the entire load of a household. But that requires garage organization skills and strategic planning. Companies like SafeRacks provides great storage solutions which are customized according to different sized garages and are based on individual needs. Garage over head storage racks and ceiling storage solutions are a great way of using up every corner of your garage.

However even a storage system would only work if you will utilize it properly and will keep it maintained.

What is Waste?

You probably think that everything that made its way into your garage is either a necessity, a saving or a good investment for an unknown future. That may not be the case. Everything that you haven’t used in the past year and don’t intend to use in the near future, is likely to be just a waste of storage space. Here are a few things that you may have overlooked while cleaning, but have got to go.

Awaiting Expiry

First and foremost you need to get rid of everything you don’t need and everything you think you need but you don’t! Just because there’s some paint left in your can does not mean it gets to stay in your garage until it expires. Ask yourself if you plan on painting something in the next 6 months, and if the answer is negative, the can’s got to go! Similarly all other bottles of varnishes or polishes that you don’t plan on using in the near future should be discarded.


Boxes of your appliances, children’s toys etc are a waste of storage space with no use whatsoever. You may think keeping them is a good saving for “future house-moving” but the lost storage space is a big price to pay for it. Make a drawer for all the instruction manuals and a file for the warranties and you’ll save yourself almost an entire overhead storage rack.

Those Great Buys

Sales are a consumer’s weakness; they lure you into buying things that you really don’t need. So you need to go through the garage and make a list of everything that was bought on sale. Now ask yourself if it serves any purpose at all! A 3-in-1 lawnmower at 30% off is a good buy only as long as you have a lawn!

Two of Everything

Newer developments in technology keep on making our lives easier and easier. New, improved products keep hitting the market; sleeker televisions, energy-efficient refrigerators, multi-purpose food processors, the choices today are limitless. However before making a purchase, do make sure that the product offers anything more than your present commodity. And if you do decide to upgrade then all those previous fridges, televisions, computers, kettles etc need to go!

It’s Not Your Size Anymore, Grow Out Of It!

Everything you or your family has grown out of should be given away. Things like bicycles, skate boards, or items of clothing that are not in use anymore or don’t fit anymore will just accumulate a lot of unnecessary space.  Go through everything that made its way from your wardrobe into the garage and ask yourself why it’s there in the first place. If it’s there only until the season changes, it makes sense, if not then it’s likely that it will never make its way back in your closet.

Garage Sale

Now take all those appliances, clothes, toys and even used tins of paint and hold what will probably be your most profitable garage sale ever! And with all the space and money you make, you wouldn’t feel so bad about parting with those things after all.

The most dreaded project that many homeowners face is garage organization. It always seems that people consistently stuff tons and tons of things in the garage only to find that there is no longer space for their vehicles. The main reason people buy homes with a garage is to keep their vehicles inside away from the elements, vandals and thieves. It’s silly that after a short time in their new homes people just fill their garages with clutter. If you fit that description, you need to wake up and reclaim your garage. These easy garage organization tips will help you to clean up your act and keep your garage in perfect order!

1. Gather the Troops

You’ll need to set a date for the garage organization project. Be sure that each and every family member that is old enough to be helpful plans nothing else for that weekend. A group effort will help the project get completed faster, improve the bonds between all of the family members and could actually prove to be a fun project.

2. Prepare for the Project

It is essential that you are well prepared prior to your weekend project. You’ll need plenty of trash bags and plastic storage bins. Of course, it would be wise to pick up a good supply of cold cuts from deli counter and a fair amount of rolls or bread too. You simply won’t want to stop working to cook lunch and dinner.

If you don’t already have overhead storage racks installed in your garage, you really should get them. They aren’t very expensive and are truly well worth the outlay of cash. Logically, garage overhead storage racks can double the amount of useful space in your garage. This actually adds to the resale value of your home, if you ever decided to sell it.

3. Get Everyone Moving

The first item on the agenda is to get every single thing out of the garage. Picture the garage on the day that you moved in, clean and clear of all items and debris. This is what it must look like first and foremost. As soon as everything is outside, break out the cleaning products and scrub it down until it sparkles.

Turn on the music and crank it up. Be sure to include music selections that will please everyone. The only rule is nothing slow because people tend to get more accomplished when they listen to fast paced music. This will help to get everybody moving, having fun and the job completed quickly.

4. Sort and Select

Now that all of the items that had formerly lived in the garage are out, you’ll need to decide which will return to their abode, which will need to find new homes and which should simply be retired to the trash dump. This process tends to be the most difficult for homeowners. Getting rid of old items can be tough sometimes but truly necessary.

You’ll need to really think about whether or not you need each item. You should ask yourself if it helps you to make money, if you use it regularly and if it is still able to do the job it was meant to do. For example, if you have a rake in the garage that is missing tines, it needs to go. The job that it was meant to perform can no longer happen as half of the leaves would still be on the lawn. Toss it and replace it with a working one. Items that are still usable but not needed in your household should be donated to charity. The items that you want to keep must be cleaned and stored safely in bins.

5. Make Your Mark

It’s really important that all of the bins are marked with their contents. Your garage organization project will be all for naught if you don’t have a comprehensive list of the contents of the bins. A label maker is the best tool for the job. They are inexpensive and do a great job. They’re also easy to remove from the plastic in the event you need to discard one of the items within.

6. Stow Your Stuff

All of the bins will need to be stored in the overhead garage racks. You should dedicate specific areas for each group of bins. This will help you to find just what you need quickly and efficiently. Garage organization is all about neatness and the ability of the homeowner to find the right item when he or she needs it.

Bicycles are other items can also get up off of the ground and be attached to the garage overhead storage racks with the use of deck hooks, rail hooks, and or sport utility hooks. Your goal should be to have minimal items on the floor space. Once you feel that you have completed the project, step back and look at what you have accomplished. As soon as you’re finished admiring your work, get in the cars and pull them into their new home. They will surely be safer there and your investment will be much better protected than it would be parked in the driveway!

7. The Right Stuff

If you didn’t take the advice and buy quality overhead storage racks, you will be sorely disappointed. The clutter will begin to build again. SafeRacks provides all sorts of garage storage equipment that will last you a lifetime.  Check out the product pages and order today.

“Hi Marwa,

I just wanted to send my deepest thanks for all the hard work and customer service at the highest, most professional level. Thank you for researching and honoring everything as it was posted. It is hard to find Genuine, Authentic, Honest corporations that care about the customer and the people that work for them, your commitment was evident. I never once felt like I had to put up a defense, you made it so simple and so transparent in honoring your company’s advertisements. I feel so comfortable with this company and cannot wait to get this product. What an Amazing experience, I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I come across with a need to get out of storage units and take back their space!!! Thanks for the quality and the cost savings and the TLC – human touch. SafeRacks is everything it claimed it is and the website was extremely helpful in weighing out the decision. Kudos!!

Thanks again!

Brian”  4/3/2015


SafeRacks recently donated some racks to help outfit Sgt. Jackie Irving and his family’s new home in Orlando Florida, through a great project called Operation Finally Home or Monster House. We are always happy to help our communities nationwide and when approached about this opportunity how could we not help with open arms. Our installer Henry did a great job with the installation and was honored to be a part of this whole experience.


“Operation Finally Home provides mortgage free homes to help severely wounded heroes and their families transition from the battlefront to the home front.

Sgt. Jackie Irving joined the U.S. Army in May 2006 and was stationed at Oklahoma, Alaska and Texas. He also did two tours of duty in Iraq in 2008-2009 and Afghanistan in 2011-2012. During his tour in Afghanistan, he was hit with an IED while on foot patrol. His injuries included left shoulder subluxation, nerve damage, PTSD, shrapnel wounds, head injuries, and bleeding on the brain. Sgt. Irving has received a Purple Heart, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Campaign Star, Iraq Campaign Medal with 2 Stars, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal and National Defense Service Medal. Sgt. Irving is married, his wife’s name is Brittney and they have 3 sons, Jackie, Jr., 8, Jackie II, 4, and Josiah, 2. The Irving Family is grateful to be this year’s Monster House recipients.”

- Real Radio 104.1

For more photos and videos:

5.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars, review 

This rack ships in 2 separate boxes.
Installation took about 2 hours since I was all by myself with no help. You certainly do not need any special skill set to put it together. Included Installation Guide explains every step with great details. The pictures in the guide made the whole process fairly simple for me.
Tools I used were a step ladder, drill with 3/16” bit, level, stud finder, impact wrench, rubber mallet and small size wrench. If you have a good Stud Finder, you will be in good hands. I used i520 Zircon (Home Depot carries it). I strongly recommend not rushing in finding the studs/joists and marking the measurement which isn’t as simple as it sounds but you do that right and the rest will go like a breeze.
I initially installed it in the center area of my garage thinking I will have access to items from all four directions. Once done, the garage appearance looked a bit congested. So I took it down and installed against the wall which of course looks much better but the access to items placed all the way in the back isn’t easier now. I can live with that since the appearance is important for me.
I love the fact that the height is adjustable from 24” to 48”. I have set it up to 37” so I could park my SUV under that and still get ample storage area. Weight capacity is 600 lbs. Its construction is top quality and will certainly last me decades.
Over all I am very happy with what it offers

- Neelam, New Jersey, USA, 35 to 44, Female

- June 24, 2014

A recent video review was done for SafeRacks by Lorie from Clutter Diet. This is the perfect explanation and example that one can give without actually going into your home and showing you first hand. We hope you enjoy the video!

Let Spring Cleaning Begin!

Clutter Video Tip: Best Quick Fix for Organizing Your Garage

  • by dadallday  February 24, 2014

“Spring is finally around the corner and not a distant memory, while it may not be time to break out the flip flops, a little planning and organizing for spring cleaning can help you get ready for warm weather and an organized house.

If you are like my family and 60% of other American families who own garages, that is the one room you leave as well as enter your home several times a day.  The garage is one of the largest rooms in your house and one of the most abused.

After the winter of the Polar Vortex our garage barely has room for our cars.  We have a two car garage and in order to pull both cars in you have to do the sideways walk with your breath held to make it down the alley between the car and the junk.

We have shovels, snow blower, bikes, tools, more bikes, holiday decorations, storage boxes, strollers and a bevy of other stuff filling the garage from floor to ceiling.

I spent the winter looking into sheds, so we could move a majority of our stuff into the shed and get our garage back.  Here’s the thing about sheds: they are expensive, ranging between $750-$10,000, in many cases you need a permit, they take up a part of your yard, they eventually get old and weathered and if it’s a winter like this year, they can be snowed in and useless to you.

That’s when I turned to SafeRacks and The Garage Store to help me with my storage woes.  SafeRacks are more than your run of the mill garage shelves, they are state of the art monsters that are built to take a beating, hold a ton and last a very long time.

The best thing about SafeRacks is they don’t take up additional space, they make new space for you, where there once was none.

If you look up in your garage,  you will most likely see your garage door opener, a few lights and that’s it.  What the folks from The Garage Store and SafeRacks see is an opportunity to organize your garage, making it a place you can get in and out of, while at the same time store your stuff.

We had two SafeRacks installed by The Garage Store for less than the cost of the cheapest rubber shed on the market.  These are custom fit for your space and built to take whatever you throw at them.  Each shelf holds up to 600 pounds, is made of 14 and 16 gauge industrial grade steel, are attached with multiple ceiling connections at each vertical support for added strength, is powder coated white for added protection and has a limited lifetime product warranty.

I had been kicking around the idea of making my own wood overhead shelves but when you compare the quality of the SafeRacks to wood or a store bought shelf there is no contest.  The margin for error is the production and installation of the SafeRacks is pretty slim.  That and the installation was fast and perfect.  The guys from the Garage Store showed up, took about 15-20 minutes to review my needs and  garage dimensions, from there they got to work, cutting, measuring, bolting and securing the racks to the ceiling and wall so tight and strong I could hang from them.

Could I have installed them myself, sure it’s an option, but it took them two hours for two shelves, where it would have taken be about five times that and I am estimating a good amount of Advil after.  They show up with the right tools, cutters, portable heaters and know how to find studs, joists and get those shelves up fast.

The garage is the ugly duckling of the house.  We throw stuff in it, leave it dirty, and use it as a storage locker.  By organizing my garage and installing SafeRacks, not only was I able to organize my garage, but my house.  I added so much space I was able to get the boxes of stuff that have been filling up my closets and basement floor and put them in my new storage space.

Now we are not only ready for Spring, our bikes are all hanging from hooks, our boxes neatly organized and not only do our cars fit, we have room to walk on the sides and the front of them! Our SafeRacks keep our stuff inside the garage out of the elements and out of the way.”

- D.A.D. – Dad All Day


My SafeRack was installed on July 1st. Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service and installation by Jeremy. The installation took only 30 minutes (or two hours less than if my boyfriend and I had tried to do it ourselves).”


- Rita (Burbank, CA) July 1st, 2013

Model Number: SR-4X8KD-W PACK24

Date Purchased:  March 9, 2013

Date Installed: April 28, 2013

Pros:  Heavy duty quality product, excellent customer support & service, easy to install, good instructions.

Cons: None

I had considered building a ceiling storage system myself using 2X6, 2X4 and plywood construction supported by ledger board and all thread rods through the roof trusses to satisfy my overhead garage storage needs.  Then, I saw the “Safe-Rack” advertisement and decided to give them a try.  So, I purchased two (2) 4’ X 8’ overhead ceiling storage racks from for my garage storage needs.  They arrived in a very reasonable time frame.  I found one box damaged and missing the nut & bolt package.  I called Safe-Racks and spoke with “Charles” who immediately apologized for the problem and offered to exchange the box that was damaged in shipping.  I told Charles that it was not necessary, as all I needed was the missing nut & bolt package which He immediately shipped out.  I also mentioned a concern I had with my unusual roof truss spacing in the garage center where the two units would meet.  Charles immediately understood my concern/issue and offered to ship out a special sized ceiling bracket to accommodate my specific need.  The installation directions provided were simple to follow.  I was very impressed with the Heavy-Duty quality and engineering of the racks, the excellent fit of all the parts, and the ease of installation.  Locating the roof truss centers and my adding “extra” (probably un-necessary) cross brace 2×4 supports took the most time.  It is abundantly clear to me following  my telephone contact with Charles, that Safe Racks Management firmly believes  in providing exceptional customer service and has empowered its employees to take independent corrective action to resolve customer issues, fully satisfying the customer.  Charles was extremely efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. My Son was also impressed with the racks, and I just ordered and will be installing two additional Overhead Racks for him.  I am also sure one of my neighbors (a retired engineer) will be ordering a system in the near future as he was also quite impressed.  He commented on how solid the system is, absent of any wobble, sway or shakes.    In conclusion, I am extremely happy with my decision to make this purchase from Safe-Racks and will order additional units from Safe-Racks when the need presents.

Edward J. Moran

Jupiter, Florida