The Easiest Way to Add Extra Space In Your Home

It might be surprising to know that 25% of people who have a garage for two cars cannot even fit one car in there.

  • Additionally, 32% of people who have two car garages can only fit one car in there.
  • Yet, 82% of people said a garage was important for them when buying a home.

You might be wondering whether this makes any sense or not. Why would people say garages are important and then not even use them for their cars? The simple answer is that the clutter just builds up so much. Most garages do not come with well thought out storage space and when people move into a new home they just need a space to unpack. The clutter ends up staying, like an uninvited guest!

Have you ever wanted a way to reduce the clutter in your garage? Have you ever wanted a way to use the vertical space not just in your garage, but all over your home in efficient ways?  With SafeRacks this is possible.

Where Can You Find Vertical Space in Your Home

The garages, basements and attics are all good candidates for fitting out with overhead garage racks and a variety of hooks to create more vertical space. In the garage, take a look above the garage door, above where the car is parked and above the furniture (such as workbenches) that you might have installed there. Often you will see that there is plenty of unused space in these places. It can be extremely easy to install storage racks or a safety net in any of these locations to put your garden furniture when you are not using it, to store your barbecue and other equipment you do not use all year round and generally to organize all of the things that homeowners need to keep in an easy to reach place in their garages.

Basements are often equipped with wood furnaces for heating and storage racks can be an elegant way to store your firewood instead of in a pile on the floor (which is unsafe as well and can pose a fire hazard). Attics can be used for general storage as well for old items of sentimental value that you do not necessarily want to throw out but will not be looking at more than a couple of times a year.

If you live in the country and keep animals, then you can also use overhead storage racks effectively for storing milk, eggs, vegetables and all of your produce. If you have a greenhouse, they can be used to store a huge variety of plants as well.

Hooks and Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment, ladders, swimming pool equipment, hoses and other garden tools often end up in piles all over one side of the garage or dropped on top of each other. Studies have shown that you are far less likely to ride your bike if it is in a pile of clutter on one side of your garage, than if it is hanging neatly on a pair of hooks on one wall. In fact, we are far more likely to make use of things that we know where to locate. What better way to keep track of all your things and keep cultivating your hobbies and interests than to organize them all well under your overhead racks?

You can either install your hooks on the walls of the space you have selected to use or you can have them installed on the bottom of the storage racks. Either way they will be able to hold a lot of items. To organize hoses and electrical cables you can also use utility hooks. Skis and ski poles and sporting gear in general will always find a good home on these hooks as well. There are deck hooks, rail hooks and utility hooks available.

There are many very clever ways to organize the vertical space in your home and you do not necessarily have to stop at the garage! Bathrooms, living areas, basements, attics and kitchens are all good places to use the vertical space. In many European style apartments with high ceilings, you can also experiment with a loft as well as storage space that is high up.

SafeRacks’ Response to Covid-19

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Portable Hand Sanitizer Spray

How to Transform any Yard or Porch into Your Own Private Park

How to Transform any Yard or Porch into Your Own Private Park

With the right seating options, your porch, deck, yard or other swath of outdoor space can function as anything you want it to: Living room, den, even an office. One easy and affordable way to do it? Outdoor pillows. Here’s how to use these accessories to expand your living area into the outdoors.

Perfect Perch

This pouf reminds us of a cozy sweater.
. Better You

Sometimes the difference between a comfy outdoor seat and a backbreaking ergonomic nightmare is whether you can put your feet up. A portable, lightweight footrest is a great option. (And it doubles as seating for kids!) We like that this one is made of a durable, dense textile that can stand up to the weather.

Multipurpose Storage

Comes with two poufs and a coordinating storage table.
. Better You

Outdoor furniture can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little smart searching you can find multi-piece sets that offer seating, table top space and storage all in one.

Good Looks That’ll Last

Fade-resistant fabric means the bold patterns on these pillows will stay vibrant.
. Better You

Yes, many outdoor textiles say they’re weather resistant, but there’s a lot more to worry about than moisture including pollen, mold, mud and even animal droppings. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for outdoor pillows and cushions with removable and machine washable covers. You can keep them clean then easily keep them sanitary and around for many seasons of outdoor weather to come.

So Comfy

These pillows are overstuffed for comfort.
. Better You

Overstuffed for ComfortNew text box: Comfort is just as important outdoors as it is indoors! We’re also fans of the fact that they come in more than 40 colors, and the filling is made from recycled fiber.

No Mold or Mildew

Comes in a pack of four.
. Better You

One major challenge with outdoor textiles of any kind is that they will get wet—whether it’s by a rainstorm, morning dew or your garden hose. Since no one wants to have to bring their outdoor stuff indoors at night (or anytime really), it’s important to look for products made from anti-mold and water resistant material.

Written by Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal for Better You and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected]

Featured image provided by Better You

Breaking the Habits of Garage Clutter and Chaos

We all hate having lots of clutter and chaos in our garage. But more often than not, that’s exactly what happens. A lot of items end up stocked there for a long time and you barely have any space to store your car. It’s a really good idea to opt for DIY garage store or some garage organization shelves.

The idea is that you need to make the most out of every bit of space. The way you can eliminate garage clutter is simply by taking everything out in front of the garage and seeing whether you use that item to begin with. Throw the items that aren’t of any use to you anymore, or you can sell them online and make a bit of money from them too. Keep in mind that no one needs to have a garage full of items. And even if you need some items, you can use garage shelving and other tools to handle everything the right way.

A good idea is to browse garage ideas online. These will give you a good start when it comes to the type of garage organization you want to opt for. We also recommend you to choose the best garage organizer storage you can find online. 

Thankfully, Saferacks providers you with outstanding garage storage options at a very good price. If you always wanted to eliminate clutter and chaos from your garage, then the best thing you can do is to opt for great garage organization tools or anything else that might be useful. We are here to help with all of that. Browse our store today and you will be able to find some of the best and most affordable garage organizer storage options on the market! Start breaking these garage clutter habits by installing and using professional garage storage today!

Should You Use DIY Garage Storage?

If you have lots of garage space, it’s a very good idea to think about some garage organization storage or anything else that can help you enhance that space the right way. Making the most out of that space is not going to be easy. Which is why a lot of people use DIY garage storage. But is it a good option?

Usually DIY garage storage solutions are not as durable as professional ones. When you store something in your garage you want to maintain its durability and consistency. Especially if you want to use overhead garage storage. The idea is to fully understand the situation and tackle this issue as fast as you can. It can end up being a great experience if you handle everything adequately, so try to keep that in mind and use the right approach that you see fit.

We recommend you to use professional garage storage shelves if you want. This is going to help you a lot and it will offer the support and value that you might need. Of course, DIY garage storage is not going to cost you a lot. But if you want to store precious items in your garage, you need all the value that you can get.

And that’s why good garage storage racks and proper garage store system options are going to help quite a bit. It’s definitely a bit challenging to find the right models, but once you browse our store you will have no problem getting the results and value you want. So yes, don’t hesitate to use professional garage ceiling storage or garage organizer storage right now. It will help you a lot and it will offer all the value and benefits you want at the best prices on the market!

Contact SafeRacks today to find out more about garage storage solutions for your home. Call us today at (877) 655-3443 or email us at [email protected]. You can also check out our FAQ page for more information.

Is It a Good Idea to Go With Wood or Steel Overhead Garage Storage?

There’s no denying that overhead garage storage is the best way to acquire more storage space without pushing the boundaries too much. Ideally you want to avoid any problems, so opting for overhead storage can help a lot. The best thing you can do is to take your time as you figure out the best model that suits your needs.

Most people use steel overhead garage storage, but you can also go with wooden shelves if you want. The problem with wood is that it’s not as resistant against moisture and its durability lacks too. While it will be a great initial investment, it doesn’t hold as well as other features will do. Which is why you really want to know what you are getting into.

Metal and steel in particular comes as a much better option for overhead garage storage. This way you can create some amazing, powerful garage systems that you can use again and again. The durability of such a unit is a whole lot better and it can indeed pay off immensely as you go along. People love the idea of adding garage storage cabinets and garage storage racks, but the steel overhead garage storage is definitely going to bring you the efficiency and help you want. It’s always worth it if you invest in proper storage that you can actually use again and again, and this will help a lot.

Plus, Steel overhead garage storage is not that expensive. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive when compared to other options, but the ROI is huge and you should totally give it a try at the very least. With the steel overhead garage storage, you can definitely start off some extraordinary garage storage ideas and go from there. The results will be extremely impressive at the end of the day, you can be rest assured with that!

Relax and Revel
Finally! It’s time to kick back, relax and revel in the fact that you’ve finished your home organization project. A word to the wise, if you didn’t already have garage overhead storage units, you should seriously think about getting them. You can learn more about these great storage solutions at

Contact SafeRacks today to find out more about garage storage solutions for your home. Call us today at (877) 655-3443 or email us at [email protected].
You can also check out our FAQ page for more information.