Deck hooks get your bikes and other gear up and out of the way when they’re not in use, freeing up a significant amount of your garage’s floor space. Bikes are a wonderful mode of transportation, but as every bike rider knows, a bike sitting around is just a bike taking up a lot of space.

Deck Hooks Attached to SafeRacks, for Overhead Storage

Bike hooks from SafeRacks solve this problem easily and efficiently. With bike hooks that attach to SafeRacks steel shelving, a bike is safely hung overhead, out of the way and off the ground. Although there are a variety of free-standing and wall-mounted bike hooks and stands available from various manufacturers, with SafeRacks bike hooks, the volume of a bike is removed from the floor plan the bike is no longer taking up floor space, as it would with those other options.

Free Up Space by Storing Your Bikes Overhead

Every few square feet of garage floor space is valuable! An adult-size bike on the floor takes up about 12 square feet (6’ x 2’ to get around a bike). A garage with interior dimensions of 22 x 24 feet, for example, has 528 square feet when empty; 12 square feet of that (for just one bicycle) is a significant amount of space. Multiple bike hooks can easily be attached for as many bikes as you have, stored above and out of your way.

Factor in the number of bikes you want to store in your garage when you’re figuring out how best to utilize SafeRacks steel overhead garage storage units. We can help you determine the best configuration for your unique needs.

We have made it easy for you to get organized with three ways to started. You can call us at 877-655-3443 to place an order, buy our products online and install them yourself or you can locate an installer near you to help with the install. Please note: Special prices may vary by dealer area.

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