SafeRacks® is the official installer for StudBar Pull Up Bars. Our Installers service over 30 major US cities. Please Call 877-655-3443 to see if Pull Up Bar installation is available in your area.


Stud Bar Pull Up Bars come in three sizes:

  • Standard Size - For 9 foot ceilings or wall mounting. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 14" or 22" below ceiling
  • Small Size - For 8 foot ceilings, bar hangs 10" or 14" below ceiling
  • Large Size - For 10 foot ceilings. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 31" or 39" below ceiling

If the standard issue doorway pull up bar isn’t enough for your fitness program then consider the Stud Bar pull up bar also know as chin up bar. These are the organizational mission and values we live by. Your pull up bar should look as good as you and be stronger than you. Your pull up bar should be made from welded 14 gauge powder coated steel designed and built to hang in a commercial gym and be overbuilt for your garage gym. Your pull up bar should be able to outlast you during a CrossFit W.O.D. and be strong enough to handle kipping pull ups. A pull up bar should be well designed and have its own patent. Your pull up bar should be a personal investment and encourage you to be fit. You will find pull ups fun and challenging. You should put the voided space of your garage ceiling to good use and install a pull up bar. Stud Bar will make you a stronger faster better human being. When you desire a gorilla proof ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar with outstanding customer service, get a Stud Bar pull up bar.

Please note that SafeRacks installers provide garage installations only.

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